Sandrine Llouquet, Chapter 3: The 101 Great Goddesses


Exhibition from September 16th to November 5th 2017


Fascinated by the influence of beliefs and religions on various aspects of human existence, Sandrine Llouquet developed her research around their connections and tried to understand their unshakeable importance in the human psyche.

His work, often inhabited by esoteric creatures and mysterious objects, reflects his readings, travels and his daily environment in Vietnam.

Llouquet’s interest in religion is based on the evolution of his rituals, his iconography and his manifestations rather than on a theological perspective. She studies here the reasons for the marginalization of the female figure in contemporary religious practices. This new exhibition, as its title suggests, is the continuation of a series that began in 2013 with Chapter 1: Where I Want to Drown the Dragon. It reflects the desire of the artist to consider all of his artistic production as a whole, an organic body that develops and grows.

From Paleolithic Art to Indo-Iranian Religions, from Contemporary Tribal Rituals to Alchemy, Chapter 3: 101 Great Goddesses invites us to explore our collective unconscious through invented or collected forms evoking esoteric rituals or ancient spiritual practices . The exhibition, which opens on a room presenting possible ritual objects, unfolds like a route marked out by doors where the importance is given to the path of the visitor.


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