Fairy stones


Artistic residency from May 14 to June 8, 2018

Exhibition from June 12 to September 16


At the end of her residency at le Point Commun, (as part of Annecy Paysages 2018), Dominique Ghesquière will present a set of sculptures and an immersive installation produced from a collection of natural elements taken from the Annecy territory.

Dominique Ghesquière recomposes the landscape in a poetic language and invites the spectator to a contemplative walk among nature’s artifacts.

The strangeness that emanates from her pieces drag us into a universe at the limit of the object and its representation, imagination and observation. Like tales and legends, she adds a part of fiction, history and magic in order to better absorb and understand the landscape.

His pieces are reminiscent of familiar places, scenes anchored in a daily routine that we know and recognize and yet we are deluding ourselves. The viewer finds himself in a middle-of-the-way memory and story, dream and reality, where time seems to slowly rise to the surface. By a staging that  free our imagination, a new, free and autonomous landscape is emerging.


©Dominique Guesquière