Laurent Pernot, On earth

Exhibition from 18 November 2017 to 20 January 2018


Using all forms of expression (photography, video, painting, sculpture), Laurent Pernot strives to create a poetic, enigmatic universe that makes the flow of time, the fragility of nature and life, perceptible.

Drawing on current research in anthropology, astrophysics or ecology and drawing from the repertoires of cinema, painting and literature, the artist invites us to contemplate natural phenomena, to slow down.

For this exhibition at the Point Commun, Laurent Pernot brings together a body of existing works and works specifically produced. The interactions between man and nature as well as the question of origins, at the heart of our contemporary issues, make up subjects essential. The exhibition, composed of three singular universes, three atmospheres, offers visitors a stroll through fictional landscapes, a world of water and earth that together constitute a journey through space, time and imagination.

“No man is master of the wind, everyone holds his sail as he can.”

Laurent Pernot


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