Exhibition from 23rd February until 30th March 2019


With : Charlie Aubry, Bastien Gachet, Roman Signer, dYmanche, Claude Closky, Ocean Delbes, Guilhem Roubichou, Adrien Chevrier, Jeanne Berbinau Aubry

Curator : Justine Roch


The way things are presents variations of the ordinary life and brings together works from young creation and those of confirmed artists. Objects used in day to day life are transformed, diverted, combined, declined and become animated to form a new set and offer another language. Ripped of  from their banality, things reveal the poetry they carry in them and lead us into an unexpected experience.
By inviting the public to take another look at the use we make of everyday life and our lifestyles, the exhibition takes on a choreographed course, where each object, each word is activated, evolving in an autonomous system. The way things are  suggests that the everyday life can be apprehended as a game with permissive rules, without limit, as a place where one invents, a place of the craft and the do-it-yourself, a liberation space.



©Charlie Aubry, Variations d’un quotidien, 2019