Exhibition from January 27 to February 23, 2018

Opening on January 26 from 18h

With: Eva Medin, Jean-Baptiste Caron, Z1 Studio


Recall from space age is a collective exhibition questioning the universe and its representations, through immersive installations, and the works of contemporary artists. The exhibition is a destination to the unknown and unexplored worlds. A journey through time, space, light and matter. Are these the beginnings of our era, the existing dream or a futuristic vision? Are we simple explorers, searchers of buried treasures, conquerors of an Edenic territory, or the only survivors of a ravaged, disappeared world?

As we walk through the exhibition, we wonder about the universe and its infinite possibilities, the quest for mysteries to solve, stories to tell, impulses to mark.


“But,” he thought, “it’s all a projection on my part.” It’s not the universe that’s buried under shrouds of wind, cold, darkness, and ice: everything happens at the inside me, and yet it seems to me that I see it from the outside. ” Ubik by Philip K.Dick


Justine Roch



© Z1 studio, Holy Synthetic Meteor, 2016